Sex On Toast 'Never Let Go Tour'




The Night Cat
Melbourne, VIC
Felon's Barrel Hall
Brisbane, QLD
Beach Hotel
Byron Bay, NSW
TBH Friday's
Wollongong, NSW
Great Club
Sydney, NSW


SEX ON TOAST RELEASE NEW SINGLE “Never Let Go” & CELEBRATE 20 YEARS This year Sex on Toast are celebrating 20 years as a band. Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun? As a result, ALL of SOT’s shows of 2023 are “20 Year Celebrations.” You dig? Bodacious! With the long anticipated ‘Pegasus’ album on the horizon, we’re proud to present the next chapter in its story. Never Let Go is the sound of drizzly 1980's English pop, transported to the middle of a Texan diner as tumbleweeds roll past the windows and flies buzz around moist cactuses. It is yet another "dream" in the Pegasus world, exploding directly from the climatic end of the Motown fever dream of “Somebody Like You.” Driven by the infallible rhythm of Jess Lumbar and Jordan “Schniel” Dempster, uncharacteristic acoustic strumming from frontman Angus Leslie and the pensive atmospheric keyboards of James Bowers. All of this culminates in a truly heartbreaking guitar solo by lead guitarist Louis Oliver King. It also features the otherworldly vocals of Beth, at times densely layered and at times delivering punchy hooks with the pop sensibility SOT fans know and love. We celebrate this release with a series of parties in Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney. 20 Years. We never let go. Hope to see you there. Never Let Go is out March 22


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